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Conference Presentations

Center staff and affiliate faculty share their research findings in conference presentations. These recent presentations are listed chronologically.

Aldoory, L. Invited Keynote, Maryland Communication Association, Howard University, November 2014

Prado, T., Doxzen, E., Yaros, R., Aldoory, L., & Maring, Lis. (April 2014). “Messages from a Mom Like You”: Ms. Peg and Text Messages to Improve Health Among Rural, Low-Income Mothers. Presented at the Kentucky Conference on Health Communication, Lexington, KY.

Aldoory, L., Doxzen, E., Bushar, J., & Assini, L. (March 2014). Exploring the Use of Health Behavior Theory in a Mobile-Health Intervention: The Production and Content of the Text4baby Program. Presented at the Society for Public Health Education’s Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD.

Aldoory, L., Doxzen, E., Bushar, J., Assini, L. (March 2014). Exploring the Impact of the National Text4baby Text Messaging Program on Problem Recognition, Personal Involvement, and Perceived Constraints. Presented at the Society for Public Health Education’s Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD.

Carter-Pokras, O., Chen, J., Bloodworth, R., Kohrt, B., & Pomerantz, S. (March 2014). Do Online FDA Consumer Materials Meet Information Needs of People Living With HIV/AIDS? Presented at the Society for Public Health Education Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD.

Carter-Pokras, O., Aldoory, L., Pomerantz, S., Bloodworth, R., Kohrt, B. K., Braun, B., & Boekeloo, B. (October 29, 2013). Improving health literacy and cultural competency of FDA consumer materials. Presented to the Health Literacy Research Conference, Washington, DC.

Aldoory, L. “Consumer Food Safety Behaviors: How to Change Them and How to Know When We’ve Done It,” International Association for Food Protection, Charlotte, NC, July 30, 2013.

Preview of “braun-health-literacy-aca.pptx”

Braun, B. (April 2013). Health Literacy and the Affordable Care Act. Wisconsin Health Literacy Summit, Madison, WI. PowerPoint slides available here.

Aldoory, L. “Health Literacy Maryland: Patient Activation through Community-Based Coalition Building,” QualityNet Conference of the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services, December 11, 2012.

Braun, B, Carter-Pokras, O., Coleman, C., Nathan Pulliam, S. (November 2012). Cultural Competency and Health Literacy: Informing the Policy Cycle. National Harbor, MD

Braun, B., Maring, E. F., Aldoory, L., Duggal, M. (November, 2012). Creating Effective Health Education Messages. National Council on Family Relations Annual Conference, Phoenix, AZ.

St. Jean B. (2012). “I just don’t know what I don’t know!”: A longitudinal investigation of the perceived usefulness of information to people with type 2 diabetes. Research paper presented at the ASIS&T 2012 Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, October 26-30, 2012.

Silva, I., Cook, R., Gardner, S., Graham, L., & Aldoory, L. (October 21, 2012). Wellness Circles: Improving the health of diabetic Latinos by addressing the social determinants of health. Presented to the Health Literacy Research Conference, Bethesda, MD.

Aldoory, L. (October 10, 2012). “Health Communication and its impact on Health Disparities,” Collegium of Scholars, hosted by Center for Health Equity.

Braun, N. B., Maring, E. F., Aldoory, L. & Duggal, M. (June, 2012). Core health messages: A user-focused health literacy initiative. Presented to the USPHS Scientific and Training Symposium, College Park, MD.

Braun, B (2012, May). Health and financial literacy: Health insurance literacy matters. National Personal Finance Conference. Annapolis, MD.

Braun, B. (2012, May). Health literacy, education and policy. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Women’s Health. Invited webinar.

Maring, E., Braun, B., Aldoory, L., Paleg, B., McCoy, T., Terhune, C., Sana, H., & Duggal, M. (2012, April). Extension and Public Health: Partnering to Co-create Health Messages. Presented to the Priester Conference, Washington, DC.

National Children’s Medical Center, Children’s Advocacy Day Ground Rounds: “Advocacy and Innovation: Experiences from the University of Maryland School of Public Health.” Panel with Linda Aldoory, Stephen Thomas, Brad Boekeloo, Dushanka Kleinman. April, 2012

Braun, B., (March 2012). Health reform: Provisions for family & community decisions. Qualey-Skjervold Professional Development Conference for Family Development. Chaska, MN.

Dugall, M., Braun, B., & Maring, E.F. (2012, February). Core health messages: Strategy to improve the health outcomes of rural low-income mothers & children. Presented to Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs, Washington, DC.

Aldoory, L. (November, 2011). “Examining the Role of Health Literacy in Prevention Research,” presented to the NIH Prevention Research Coordinating Committee.

Aldoory, L. (November, 2011). “Advancing Health Literacy Research: Considering the Health Communication Eco-System.” Health Literacy Research Conference, Chicago, IL

Aldoory, L. (November 2011). “The Future of Health Communication, Health Information and Technology” Presented during University of Maryland’s launch of The Future of Information Initiative.

AAFA-MD Conference Presentation

Braun, B. (2011, June). Health literacy: How it affects disparities. Presented at the Clearing the Air: Addressing Asthma Disparities conference, Linthicum, MD. Four-part video available here.

AAFA-MD Marketing Health Messages Presentation

Lewis-Land, C., O’Keefe, A. M., & Braun, B. (2011, June). Marketing health messages to diverse populations. Presented at the Clearing the Air: Addressing Asthma Disparities conference, Linthicum, MD. Video of Dr. Braun’s panel discussion available here.